23 month old won't go potty without prompting


We are over two months into potty training my now 23 month old using N75 (I used N75 with my son and it was a breeze....he was completely trained in less than a month before he was 2). We started naked, with the bell, then added the gate and used those consistently for the first 2-3 weeks. She got to the point that she would have no accidents, so long as we told her every few hours that it was time to use the potty. She'd happily sit on the potty and go, no problem. We also put her in the gate for her morning bowel movement and she'd poop within a few minutes. However, she rarely, if ever, initiates on her own. If we went longer than a few hours without telling her to go potty, she'd have an 'accident'. When she'd have accidents, we'd put her in the gate until she produced something substantial. She has the amazing ability to produce something within a few minutes (pee or poop....no lack of fiber here!). Finally, I decided I was no longer going to tell her to go potty. She initiates a few times a day, but still has accidents 1-2 times a day....especially with poop. I can only think of a select few times that she actually went poop on her own (without being told to or confined to the gate). How do I get her to go on her own? I'm really tired of cleaning up poop!

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