15 yo ride confusion


Hi. I would like your evaluation of the following situation I am now in with my fifteen year old son (who I have submitted several questions about previously): Last week I drove to my son's school to pick him up at about 3:00 PM, however when I got there he texted me to pick him up at 4:00 PM. I texted my son back that he would need to go with me then since I was already at school, however I did not get a response. When I tried to call my son I also did not get a response. I wasn't sure what to do since I thought my son was ignoring my calls so he could hang out with his girlfriend. I then decided to go to a fast-food restaurant about 11 blocks away, get some paperwork done and wait to see if he would call me back. When I got to the restaurant my son called me back that he was coming. I told my son that he would need to walk to the restaurant where I was even though it was cold out (about 15 degrees?), and he told me no, that he did not have his winter jacket and started arguing with me about it. I did find out that my son had been playing basketball at school and assumed I would be fine picking him up at 4 PM, which some times I do pick him up closer to four. Because my son was arguing with me, etc. I told him that he needed to walk where I was or find another way home. He then called his mom who had her father pick my son up, and all this resulted in conflict between my ex-wife and her parents. More later.

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