3 yr old and damp underwear


HI John,
My daughter is now almost 3 years old and still wets her pants (usually just damp). She has finally taken the initiative to pee in the potty on her own, but she *always* waits until she has wet her underpants (just damp) before she goes to the potty. Potty bell or reminders are not helping her take responsibility for going on her own at all. Finally, I backed off completely and let her do her thing, knowing she understood fully where to pee. And that's done the trick with her taking herself there. She does wet her underwear almost every time she goes to the potty. I make her wash them and remind her matter-of-factly that she needs to keep them all dry. It has taken sooo long to get to this point where she goes by herself most of the time. When she's in her room playing, she's able to keep her pants dry (because she wants to come out of her room for some attention). When she's playing elsewhere, it's another story - she will either forget or go when her underwear is already wet. Yes this happens even when the potty is right in front of her. If I start doling out consequences for wet underwear (been there and done that!), it always makes things worse than better and increases the resistance. Do I ignore the damp underpants and hope she outgrows them?Any suggestions?

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