10 year old school issues


My 10-year-old daughter has been having issues at school lately. She did have a incident in 3rd grade where she "turned feral" (as we've named it) and hissed at her teacher when she got frustrated about math. We thought that was not ok and she was grounded for that behavior. Nothing happened for two years and she was getting great grades. Then about a month ago, she got frustrated in class again and was hyperventilating and said she was "getting a lot of pressure from home to get good grades". This wasn't the case as we've done your method of staying out of school and homework unless her grades became really bad, which they haven't. She came home and we gave her a stern warning about not having self-control in class and for blaming us, and that if she doesn't understand something, she needs to go to the teacher for help if it's during school time. A month later she fessed up that she got upset again (crying, acting really frustrated) at school for a bad grade on a math lesson and said her teacher told her to ask her parents to help her manage her sadness and anger. Not sure how to handle this situation. Is her behavior a lack of discipline on our part, or something more?

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