8 yo triplets and homework management


OK so I have been reading all the parentguru.com information feverishly and love it! I love John's approach and even had the honor of hearing him speak in Jacksonville, Fl. in 2012. So I am old fan long time listener of John's but new to the site. Having said that one question I have is about homework... I have 8 year old 2nd grade triplets (its a bit overwhelming at times), and the amount of time I spend doing homework seems a bit ridiculous. Its interesting how the school doesn't call it homework anymore but "home learning". Anyway I am going to take the approach of letting the triplets do their homework on their own going forward. However to what extent do I get involved at all? Should I set some expectation on how well its done as far as penmanship/correctness? Or just let them have at it and what gets done is what gets done. Of course I probably need to ensure, at least my mom did it this way, that homework is done first thing when they come home before any play time or activities. I just find that some homework is honestly beyond them or their ability and they have a tendency to ask a lot of questions or for help. This may be from my own over involvement and a monster I created myself. Just looking at myself and being honest here. I just want to be sure I handle this with the correct approach while ensuring I push my kids to give their best effort. Sometimes when I have just let them at it, the requirements are not meet and many items are incorrect. Do I just leave it like that if that be the case? Also should I go ahead and email the teacher and let them know I will be doing it this way or wait for them to make a comment to me about the quality of work their now seeing from the kids? Thanks!

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