9 yo throwing fits


About 2 months ago we told our 9 year old daughter that "the doctor" had told us that she needed to go to bed at 7:30 (normal bedtime 8:30) for 30 days straight of problem free behavior. The target behavior we are attempting to eliminate is throwing huge fits (yelling, throwing things, hitting) when she was unhappy about something. We are trying to get this right but not sure this is working. So far the most she has gone with out the problem behavior is 2 weeks. Today we found ourselves back at day one because she threw a fit after school when I told her to do her homework. The last few weeks she has been going about a week between outbursts. My husband is beginning to doubt this will ever stop her problem behavior. However, I don't know what else to do to stop a 9 YEAR OLD who is having tantrums!

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