13 yo in academic slump


I've read your books since my firstborn was 5. My last born is now what appears to be what I re-read in your book last night "The 7th Grade Slump". My husband laughed and said it sounded as though the book was written about our son. Any differences I will add are that he was diagnosed as gifted a few years ago with zero issues (after years of teachers trying to persuade us that he was ADHD and needed medication) and he is lifted up at his private school as 'Olympic material' on the high school Varsity team and has had to spend an enormous amount of time in athletics. Yes, he's remarkable but finding a balance has been difficult and that along with the 'to a T' 7th Grade Slump has made this entire year just horrible. Along with that, the school we realize now is highly micromanaging. Every.single.grade. and bit of information is emailed throughout the day and we are sick of having to 'go back to school' - it is this new thing that I think schools are doing but we want him to be independent and responsible. We are not switching schools. I read through Chapter 3 but am curious if we should follow those guidelines exactly or if you would recommend something slightly different.

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