4 yo aggressive at preschool


Our strong-willed, first child, 4 year old daughter is having trouble getting along with her classmates in preschool. Last November, at my conference with her teacher, the teacher said they are working on "personal space" issues with her. I got one or two reports of aggressive behavior towards a classmate. About 3 weeks ago, she got a bad report one day (pushing/hitting)...happened again the next school day...at which point I started asking the teacher daily how she did (most day, she says "we're still working on it"). In our recent parent-teacher conference, the teacher told me, on the one hand, that, other than the "personal space" type issues, the only behavioral issues worth mentioning (i.e. hitting, pushing) were those she recently told me about. On the other hand, she tells me none of the kids want to play with my daughter, which leads me to believe it has been going on for some time. I do not feel like the teacher has done enough to discipline our daughter and would like to have details about the behavior occurring in preschool so that I can address it at home. The teacher says she will not go into the "petty things" and wants me to leave it to them. The school feels this is a "developmental" issue and that time will help. I feel this is behavioral and that allowing her to act like this with no disciplinary consequence is unacceptable. She doesn't seem too upset that no one wants to play with her, so this is not an effective teaching strategy.
Do I let the teachers continue to handle this or do I need to be part of the disciplinary intervention?

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