3 yo gets up super early


This is a bit of a loaded question but I will try my best to be concise :). Our three year old has been waking up super early-between 4:50 and 5:30 am. He will return to his bed but rarely will actually go back to sleep. He has a reasonable bedtime (7:30/8) and still takes a nap. He is clearly overtired from the early wake up time and it is affecting his moods and behavior. I am going to try to place one of those visual aids in his room that turns green on a timer so he knows when it is okay to leave his room and reward him for doing so (6:00am perhaps). Is this an appropriate plan for us to address this problem? Also, my question about this plan is him needing to go potty. He is dry overnight and has to potty first thing in the morning. He comes to our room and waits for us to take him. Is it reasonable to expect him to be able to go to the bathroom to potty all on his own, get himself back dressed (he takes his undies and pants all the way off to potty) and return back to bed? Should we place the little potty back in his room to use (not my ideal choice b/c he is physically getting too big and we have put it away after "graduating" to the big potty)? Any other advice concerning the super early wake up time?

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