30 mo toilet training resistance


I just finished reading your Toilet Training Without Tantrums book today. This afternoon, my 30 month old son and I went to the store to buy a potty. He picked it out and was excited to also pick out "big boy" underwear. When we got home, I didn't plan to start until the morning but he seemed excited about it so I went with it. He initially was receptive to sitting on the potty, but right when he sat down he acted scared and wanted to get off. For the rest of the evening he refused to sit on the potty and had an accident. I am not surprised at this; he is kind of skittish with things (seems typically "2"). Do I go right to the gate? Even when I set the timer he said no and refused. What do you suggest when a child just refuses to sit on the potty at all? (I realize I'm late in the game on this and so this rocky start is discouraging but I know I can't go back now that we've begun:-)!

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