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Our 8 year old daughter is a great kid. Kind of reserved, quite stubborn, but very mannerly and sweet and rarely requires discipline, except when it comes to school work. Both in 2nd grade and currently in 3rd grade she refuses to do her school work correctly during class. When she brings her weekly folder home it is full of D's and F's. When we make her sit down and correct them she can do so without help. Her teacher said she is very capable of doing her work and she is one of her favorite students, very helpful and no behavioral issues, she just won't do her work correctly. We have tried to reason with her (which we know doesn't work) and try to find out why but she says she just doesn't know or she was in a hurry. We have taken away privileges, like spending the night with friends and grandma, no TV, etc. Last week we made her stay in her room from Friday until the following Thursday, only coming out to go to school, eat, bathe, etc. The next week her papers were worse!!! It seemed to be on purpose! She just doesn't care if she is grounded, etc. She acts like "oh well, whatever." I think we could ground her for a year and she would accept it with no problem. What are we to do? We don't believe in spanking. Some family say it started about the time her brother was born (they are 7 yrs. apart). But we just don't think that could be it. We are so afraid she will be held back this year. We are desperate, stressed out and heartbroken! HELP!!

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