ParentGuru toilet trains another child!


This is not a question, but rather I wanted to send a thank you for all your help when it came to getting our son to go potty on his own. We went through the process of using the potty bell and when we thought it wasn't working, we ended up 'micromanaging' and you so elegantly put it. Once we realized that, we pretty much told our son that from now on we were not going to tell him to go potty or even ask him to go potty. We told him that if he had to go potty, that he needed to get up from whatever he was going and go to the bathroom. We stopped cold turkey, and within a day, our son was saying that he had to go potty. They are the best sounding words I have ever heard and I just want to thank you again for your help!! We have been going about a month now and he is doing great. He still had accidents during nap time and he is still in a pull-up at night, but during the day he is 100%!! Thanks John and ParentGuru!!

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