Follow Up: Adult Daughter is Abusive


This is for Susan Eppley. Thank you for your advice for my friend and her daughter, and I did pass that on to my friend. I have a couple follow-up questions from the counsel you gave: a) Do you have ideas on a good plan for having an adult child, who's living with you, live somewhere else (she has no other place to live now, though I understand the daughter might have to be forced to figure that out on her own); b) my friend's daughter has not been acting/feeling normal and seems to have some delusional thinking, e.g. the daughter recently told her mom her phone had been hacked and that her/daughter's organs are being sold on, that there was a camera in the oven, rambling talk, etc. My friend thinks her daughter is not capable of taking care of herself and therefore doesn't think she should force her to leave the house-though at the same time it has not been very safe for her/mom since the daughter has been agressive at times. Thanks again.

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