5 year old wetting


I have written a couple of times regarding my almost 5yo son who continues to wet himself. John suggested putting him to bed right after dinner until he stayed dry 10 days, which we implemented except we made it 3 days rather than 10. I wrote again when we weren't seeing any success and Carri recommended trying 10 days. So that's what we're doing, but still not seeing any headway. I think it's been at least a month since he's had his normal bedtime, maybe even closer to six weeks. He stayed dry for one day last week, but other than that, he's wetting at least once every single day. He's not making it close to 10 days or even to 3. Honestly, I like having him go to bed early and having more time in the evenings and have gotten used to it! But I am tired of all the laundry, and this wetting cannot continue when he starts kindergarten next year. I'm also frustrated because he also has a number of other troubling behavior issues (kicking the dog, hitting his brother, destroying property, inappropriate language, etc.), and I would like to start using the ticket system with him. But it seems like it would be difficult to implement the ticket system if he is already going to bed early for wetting. Any suggestions? Thank you!

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