Toddler Overnight Training


Dear John,

My child is almost 3 now and she's still in nighttime nappies. Months ago, she started holding the pee in towards the morning and peeing a generous amount into the potty in the mornings (though still soaks her nappies) and I did not attempt to train her then because it was really too cold to do so in this old uninsulated house. I was hoping she will progress on her own at night as she matures. Now it's summer here, but she seems to have gone gradually process backwards, from a half full nappy to a nappy soaked through so much that she's got not a drop left for the potty in the mornings consistently these days. Many people tell me she's too young to be trained overnight and will get dry overnight on her own. I cannot help thinking that the nighttime nappies, going progressively worse, wetter and heavier the older she grows has nothing to do with nighttime readiness, but everything to do with the fact that the nappy is there and its convenient for her to pee in overnight. What has been your experience in this? The questions is, should I now remove her nappies at night and let her completely soak the bed heavily? She's too young for a bedwetting alarm (as per your book). She will NOT call out in the middle of the night to pee, and she will NOT get up on her own to pee, no matter what I say or do to encourage her to do it, knowing how much child usually is. Where and how should I proceed and if I do? And should I stop nighttime training at some point if it isn't working? Please give me as much detail as you can.

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