Young Teen and Sex


Our 14 year old daughter had sex for the first time with a boy at a family party where the parents said they would be supervised. Our daughter has been told that she cannot date until she is at least 16 years old and shows us (her parents) that she is mature enough for the responsibility of spending solo time with a boy. The week after this one sexual encounter I felt that my daughter's depression was so serious that it required hospitalization. She is out of the hospital now but the boy has started seeing another girl and my daughter is trying to get this boy back. We have told her that this boy is not healthy for her and that he has used her, but she tells us she loves him (this is after seeing him for only 2 months). How do we proceed with our daughter in getting healthy over what this boy has done to her? She's been in the hospital twice in the past and can't find anything but this boy to live for. She use to have dreams but now she only thinks of this boy. Please help.

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