Adult Daughter is Abusive


Thanks Susan for my question about counsel for a friend. This friend wants help, so here it is: my friend has an adult daughter (24) who is back living with her/my friend. This daughter was living with a boyfriend but there were problems. The daughter has also used/abused drugs and alcohol and some of the drug use has apparently caused some problems mentally and emotionally for her. My friend has been having lots of difficulties with her daughter since the daughter has been living back home with her, including some verbal abuse. The daughter has also continued some drug use/marijuana use since being back home with her mom. It seems that mom has been struggling with enforcing some rules and boundaries that she has set for her daughter since she/the daughter has been back home. As well the daughter has exhibited some delusional behavior and was taken to a hospital a week-week and a half ago and did have some psychiatric assessment done. My friend is struggling because this is not normal behavior for her daughter and thinks the use of K-2 and Aderral (sp?) has caused some psychiatric damage to her daughter's brain, yet my friend is not able to deal with the nastiness, verbal abuse, etc. of her daughter. Your opinion? Thank you.

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