Scheduled Feedings or On-Demand Feedings for Grandbaby


We have a 4 week old grandson who is a happy peaceful baby. The only problem is that he wants to nurse about every hour or so and the mother obliges. She is now exhausted and needs her husbands assistance 24/7 so he is exhausted too. It is affecting his ability to go to work. Of course with feeding comes diaper change so this is a never ending cycle. This is their first child together. The mother has a 14 yo daughter she conceived when she was 15. Thanks to loving grandparents that child is doing quite well.

The question is: shouldn't that baby be put on a schedule of feeding and naps? How is that done? How do we get the parents to buy in to a reasonable plan.

My wife and I raised 4 children and we learned the hard way. Finally taking the advice of experienced, loving, Christian people.

Thanks so much. I have been reading your columns for years. Dr. Dobson was the first eye opener for us.

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