Ex husband provides car to a 16 year old


My exhusband (diagnosed sociopath) gave our 16 year old daughter a car today. Just now I received a report from a legitimate source that she was parked outside of town and the windows were so steamed up no one could see in. She refused to open the window when my friend pounded on the window to do a safety check. I called her and told her the facts and she is lying to me. I feel desperate. This is the first day she had the car. I have physical custody and she is with me 10/14 days. I do not believe she should have the car. The ex freely says he will not enforce consequences. All he is worried about is that she will like him during the little time they have together. I am going to tell him she cannot come back to me with the car - it will have to stay at his place 20 minutes away. However, it is the lying I am so concerned about - is she going to be like her father? The divorce has been very hard on her but recently we have had many good days together. Now I feel that she is like him - showing me her good side but then being totally dishonest and amoral. Please tell me how to handle this.(I admit I was an unusual teenager - never would have thought of deceiving my parents or lying at all - was always the good kid). How can I be sure she isn't like her father?

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