Brainiac gone lazy


I am not sure what to do about my 8 (almost 9) year old. He is super smart, I mean gifted smart, way to smart for his own good smart. He used to love school, and educational work of any kind. He has always been top in his class, always making the best grades on everything. His teachers have always loved him and said what a great kid he is. Well this year we have hit a major snag. Although his grades are still good they are not great. He has become very lazy in the work he does and has even bombed a few tests straight out. He is not bringing things home and is not turning in stuff on time as well. His work is sloppy and most of the time incomplete in some way. His techers this year seem less than impressed with him and have mentioned his talking too much in class. He is not failing by any means, I just know he is not trying as hard as he could. When we try to talk with him about it he gets angry and defensive, we get angry and the whole conversation goes south. He says he really doen't like school this year, he says he is bored. I wonder how he can be bored and yet score so badly on tests. I have grounded him from video games for a month (which he only got during the weekends anyways) and also took away TV during the week. I'm not sure what else to do or even if I am doing the right things to fix this. How do I fix this, fix him?

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