5 year old continues to wet himself


I wrote in January asking for help with my almost 5-year-old boy who wets his pants frequently. You recommended putting him to bed right after dinner until he was dry for ten days. I implemented that immediately, except I have to admit I used three days rather than ten since that's an amount of time he can easily grasp. It seemed to work at first- he wet one day and then stayed dry for three days and got his normal bedtime back. Then he wet again a day or two later, stayed dry for three days and got his bedtime back for a day or two, and so on. It's been a few weeks and now I honestly can't remember the last day he stayed dry, and most days he is wetting more than once. What now?? Do you think the ten days versus three days is making a big difference? Of course I'm willing to try that, but I'm not sure he has a concept of what ten days means. Thanks!

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