Progress Report N75


Can you help assess how we are doing? Am I getting somewhere with him? Do I need to change my approach?

My son is 20 months old and I am 10 days into N75, my second attempt, the first time I stopped because I was also transitioning him from a crib to a bed and it was too much for him.

I am using the gate and potty bell. I will admit that I am using them imperfectly, however every time I gate him in he pees or poos on the floor. I have him clean up and I ask him where the pee or poo go. He always response "in the potty".

I say I use them imperfectly because I give him the choice of sitting freely on the potty for five minutes, or being gated in. Usually he doesn't want to sit on the potty, so I pick him up and gate him in. I think I have set the interval too long (an hour) because he usually pees on the floor before the timer goes off, so I will change that this week. At first I was giving him treats, but I have stopped that because as you say, it was not helpful.

At first he stayed dry at night and did enjoy releasing in the potty. But it seems that in this second week, the novelty has worn off and he seems content again to release anywhere. The difference is that he always comes to me immediately after he has gone.

When we go out, he will stay dry until we get home.

Are we showing any signs of improvement? I personally feel that we are not getting anywhere.

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