6 year old ongoing school woes


Dear Dr,
The teacher ran out of yes/no cards and made her own but she added a small graph so she could make check marks on how many times my daughter would do things wrong. Her chart says body position, work time, and if she is quiet or not. I know my role but what should I tell her her role in this is? She makes a check if she has to re-direct her. Monday a great Yes but yesterday she did get a no.. My daughter had three or four checks in the am for redirecting and then three in the afternoon. You are going to have to redirect 7 year olds am I right? I feel like they just want all the kids to just sit there and learn like a soldier and anything out of the ordinary in a child is bad. We are meeting with the principal and teacher on Friday and I know they are going to want to try something else. Please give me something to say to her as to how this should work.

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