6 year old sleep trouble


My stepson is almost six. He sleeps at our house 2 nights a week (Wed and Sun). At least half of the nights he is here, he wakes up multiple times in the night wanting water, to be tucked back in, to go to the bathroom, etc. We always have him do whatever he needs on his own; we don't do it for him. The problem is, he doesn't come into our room, he literally just screams "Daddy daddy daddy" until one of us comes into his bedroom room. We've tried ignoring it but it becomes worse and he becomes hysterical. Our assumption is that this happens at his mother's and she waits on him, helping him get whatever he needs. We know she often sleeps in his bed with him, something we never do at our house. Any kind of punishment such as going to bed early the next day, isn't something we can reasonably implement since he never sleeps at our house two nights in a row. Any ideas? We are so tired of this, especially as he is perfectly capable of getting up and getting a cup of water or going to the bathroom on his own and does so when we come to his room. During waking hours, he is a very well behaved and obedient child (at least in our house).

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