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My daughter is 3 1/2 years old & gives us a run for our money. Just last night we were at a friends house & all 4 children (age 10, age 4, age 3 1/2 & age 2) were playing in her basement while the adults were upstairs talking. The 10 year old runs up stairs extremely upset saying that my daughter hit him in the face & scratched him in the face. I went down to the basement walked her upstairs put her in timeout then made her apologize to him. I was mortified. This is not the first time she has hit a kid. I asked her why she did it & of coarse she says I don't know. So last night I stripped her room down to nothing but her bed & dresser & sent her to bed early. Today she has spent the entire day in her room except for meals. She has yelled, screamed & kicked her closet door. I put a baby gate up in front of her room because she kept coming out today. She removed the baby gate & put it away.

Last week my daughter got into the red pepper flakes in our pantry. I was gone, my husband was upstairs with our 2 yr old son & my daughter got into the pantry which has a child safety lock on it & dumped out the red pepper flakes on the floor, into the dogs food bowl & then poured water in the red pepper flake container. We sent her to bed early that night. I feel like the early bedtimes don't work nor do the spending days in her room. We have been working on the ticket system for putting toys away.

The preschool teacher & babysitter do not have any issues out of her for the most part. The babysitter says all in all she listens & minds her. The preschool teacher has never e-mailed me about her hitting another kid at school.

Where do I go from here?


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