16 year old cell phone use


Our 16 year old daughter has purchased a cell phone with her own money and also pays her monthly bill. We have common courtesies and rules concerning the phone. We discovered that she was swearing with her texting with a certain friend who apparently has colorful language. We warned her that this type of "communication" is unacceptable and we expected her to correct the problem. Several months later we saw this going on again with her texting and a different friend. We took the phone away for the whole summer. Now again several months later we are having the same problem. Obviously we have no control over whether she is going to use profanity with her friends but we do have a say whether we will allow it with a phone that is on our phone plan. We feel it is time to completely get rid of the phone. Do we say you can get your own phone when you are 18? Or is this something you chalk up to teenage stupidity and just let her know what a complete idiot she is acting like? What is your advise? Thank you!

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