10 year old doesn't respect personal space


Our 10 year old son is a star student, has a couple of good friends and excels in sports and art. He is generally well adjusted and well behaved, with the exception of sibling rivalry with his 8 year old sister. The issue is that he seems to be in constant need of excessive physical/sensory input from us (and he smothers our 2 year old with this need as well). I would say that we are a fairly affectionate family, there are hugs and kisses and affectionate touch towards all of our three kids, but he is literally physically in our faces all the time. It is very unpleasant. I explained to him about respect for personal space. The baby doesn't like to play with him for the same reason. He is upset and says that the baby hates him, but I keep trying to explain that all he needs to do is hold back his physical smothering of all of us and their relationship will improve. Is this some type of a sensory need that has to be addressed? How do we deal?

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