Picky Eater at Grandma's


We read with interest your article about not giving food choices to children. As parents, we took that approach with our children. Now, as grandparents who care for our 4 YO grandson four days/nights a week
(he then goes to his mom for 4 days), we have the eating dilemma. He is a picky eater, has a VERY limited diet and won't try new things, even though he helps me cook all the time. Is it worth bothering to attempt your fool proof plan when we get no cooperation from his mom? We are wondering if this scenario will be successful, or will he starve himself here and then eat his favorite foods at his mom's house? They eat fast food a lot and she eats no fruits/vegetables either. Will that also affect his desire level to be here and his behavior when he is here? He is well behaved otherwise.

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