5 yo is rude, whiny


My 5 year old daughter is the youngest of my 3 children. She has boy/girl 6 year old twin siblings. The twins are incredibly good at basically anything they try to do (especially if it is physical/athletic). My 5 yr old, has always been much less coordinated and less physically able. She is perfectly healthy, she is just not interested in physical activities. Her brother and sister and consistently praised for doing all of these amazing things (wakeboarding, snow skiing, soccer etc...) and I think that my youngest has just decided to give up. She will not even try things anymore . In fact, she pretty much only wants to hang out with me and that's it, and unfortunately I am not athletic either. She is disrespectful to anyone else that engages her to do something she doesn't want to do, regardless of the task. She basically ignores the "asker". She simple acts as if they are not there. When I ask her to do things she becomes whiny and pretty much makes everyone miserable. Its causing some major problems in our family dynamics as we are all very active people ( I am active/NOT athletic!) . We ride bikes, snow ski, water ski etc... I don't know where to begin to start with helping her but something has to change before we all go crazy!

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