3 yo calling parents names


My wife and I are currently using your ticket method with our 3 year old. We have started with bad language as her first target behavior. My wife and I use time out for all disciplinary issues to include bad language (bad language of course requires a ticket being taken as well). If she is sent to time out for an offense of say jumping on couch and while in time out calls us a name, does a ticket get taken away if the cause of the language was her being sent to time out? Additionally, when a ticket is taken away for just language (example: she is told to stop jumping on the bed and as a result she calls us stupid a ticket is taken and she is placed in time out) if while in that time out she calls us more names, do we take more tickets or is that considered the same/one offense? My daughter pretty much gives us a hard time for everything. I was considering making her target behavior "not listening to mom and dad". Is that too vague or too much right now? My wife and I can't agree on the first target behavior. I believe that language or name calling is a byproduct of her being sent to time out.

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