Stepson pulled between custodial/non custodial parents


This weekend, we had an out of trip with my 5 yeard old stepson for a family event. We had a great weekend overall. On the last day, he had a toy he was playing with that he kept waving in my face so it got taken away; he was upset for about one minute then it passed and was not mentioned again. On the car ride home from the aiport, he went on an on about all the fun he had playing with his cousins. Fifteen minutes after we dropped him off at his mother's, my husband gets a call that the boy is crying hysterically and told her we were mean to him and took away his toy. One she understood what had happened, the call ended. I was less upset by her reaction than the actions of the child. I know it's common for kids to try and play one parent off the other, and that can especially be the case in divorce situations. My question is- when we see our stepson next, do we address it with him? Or just ignore it? Generally speaking, the two households discipline separately and just let the other do their thing- but as we are much stricter, it's likely something like this may happen again.

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