kudos for john


This is just a message of personal appreciation to John. A friend gave me one of your books back when my oldest was a toddler and your methods have really laid the foundation of our child-rearing. I particularly appreciated that from the get-go you told parents that no matter what you might do and how well you parent, your children could, at the next second, do something completely "disgusting and depraved and despicable," I think it was. Most parenting "experts" promise you the moon and that you can have a perfect family in 10 easy steps. This has never been my experience, even when I feel like we're at the top of our parenting game. Then a child goes and wipes their bottom with their sibling's toothbrush. Seriously! Anyway, I am grateful for your books because I feel like they have a lot to do with the fact that I am a happy homeschooling parent today and that I love being with my kids and spending time with them. People look at me like I have five heads and must be some kind of superwoman and ask me how on earth I get my kids to listen to me and do their work and not give me attitude. Sure they do, sometimes. And then they find themselves staring at the walls of their room instead of out playing with their friends in the neighborhood after their work is done. When I get frustrated and start loosing it with them, it's usually because I forgot that I don't have to yell, I just have to take a ticket away. I'm making it sound too easy, but generally it's true. I love our life and I feel like we are raising our kids the way God wants us to. That's very satisfying! Thank you for all the words of wisdom you've poured out over the years. They are deeply appreciated by parents like me!

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