toddler door kicker


We recently moved our 22 month old daughter to a mattress on the floor (she was climbing out of her crib). Every night, she immediately gets out of bed and kicks the door and screams (my husband refuses to do the dutch door, so we just reversed the lock and lock her in). I've tried sternly telling her she cannot kick the door, but she still does it until she eventually falls asleep. She sleeps all night next to the door. I've moved her to the mattress in the middle of the night, and she moves back to the door. She also wakes up every morning at about 5:00 and kicks the door until we come get her at 6:30 (our rule is that the kids stay in their room until 6:30 am). My 4 year old son stays in his room until 6:30, but I know he wakes up at 5:00 when my daughter starts kicking the door. I want to get this resolved soon because we have baby #3 on the way and I'm planning to move my daughter and son into the same room. I can't lock them both in their room because my son gets up to go potty at night. Currently, my daughter goes to bed at 7:00 every night and takes a 1 hour nap (she also kicks the door before her nap until she falls asleep). How can I get her to stop kicking the door and to stay quietly in her room, or sleep, until 6:30?

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