2 year old: hitting


My son turned 2 yesterday. Over the last month or so he has started hitting - sometimes when he is frustrated and sometimes for no reason. He doesn't talk very much so I am sure he does this to some degree as a way to express he is mad? I took him to the grocery store the other day and he wanted a bag of chips - I said no and put them back and picked him up to remove him from the chip area - he started hitting and screaming at me - I was mortified because of all the people looking at me. He came up to my husband last night and hit my husband for no reason - my husband said no firmly and Luke did it again so my husband hit his hand back and Luke hit my husband again... then ran to me crying. We have a HUGE problem with this and kicking when we are on the changing table as well - he is getting stronger and somewhat hard for me to control. How do I correct this?
On a side note - He has bitten my daughter once and has "threatened" a few other times but not followed through... ugh...

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