15 year old boy school problems


Greetings. I have submitted several questions, gotten good advice from Sarah and Dr. Rosemond, etc., however I have continued to struggle with how to turn things around with my 15 year old son. Relationally, things have been up and down, but overall I would say our relationship has deteriorated since the beginning of the school year. My son's preoccupation on his phone and his girlfriend continue to be two main problems. He continues to be angry, moody and argumentative when I get on him about various things he needs to do. I did make a decision to handle some things differently related to school and his phone use since school performance has been a problem: After he gets home from school he gets a brief break, then needs to turn his phone in to me until he completes all his assignments for the day. When that's done, and I can verify from his teachers or school website that he has gotten everything done for the day, he can have his phone back. If he has any past assignments due then he does not get his phone back 'till all past assignments are done. I am realizing now that probably where I have gone wrong is that I did not insist from the beginning, as part of our contract, that if he stays with me and goes to school here he has to agree that I will be in control of his phone (versus he or his mom) and that he will not be in a dating relationship until he's 16-17(or older). One option I am considering is to start over and lay out these demands and then giving him the choice of either agreeing to them whole-heartedly or going back with his mom. My biggest desire is for my son to have a strong, healthy relationship with the Lord and with me. Your thoughts/suggestions?

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