5 year old ungrateful when it comes to presents


I have some concern over my 5 year old daughter. She is very ungrateful when it comes to clothes, toys, etc. A lot of complaining. We just started using the ticket system for her (about two weeks ago) and it has really worked. But we are working on other things first (no whining or complaining at mealtime, and getting completely dressed and ready to go in the morning without whining, throwing fits, etc.) Anyway, she really has a hard time with presents. She usually gets upset for various reasons: she likes her sister's gift better (who is 4), we didn't get her exactly what she wanted, she didn't get enough. She is usually just like this with us. At her birthday or Christmas time, we go over how to act when she receives a gift. Smile, say thank you and no whining or complaining. If she acts up, the gift gets taken away. Now I'm thinking I should treat our gifts to her the same way. How do you teach gratefulness? My four year old seems to get it! Why can't the 5 year old?!?

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