Toddler not going pee in the potty


We started potty training our son around 20 months. He is now 2.5 (will be 3 in April) and we are still dealing with accidents. We continually have him go potty before leaving the house, once we return from being out, before eating a meal, etc. For the most part he goes when we ask him during these times. However, there are times when he says he doesn't have to go. Normally that would be fine, but then too much time normally passes and he ends up having an accident. We even continue to ask him frequently if he has to go. In addition, sometimes he has major blow-out tantrums because he doesn't want to go potty. When he has an accident, our frustration gets to the best of us and we usually end up yelling at him and telling him pee-pee does not belong in our pants, but in the potty. We have even had him keep his wet clothes on him since we know he is uncomfortable in the wet clothes. He has yet to tell us he has to go potty, with the exception of #2. He always tells us about that and has never had an accident there. He always goes on the potty for #2. We are always the driving force behind him going potty. I feel l like he is never going to get #1 down. My question is if there is anything we can do to help eliminate some of his accidents. In addition, if he does have an accident, is there something you recommend us doing to help get it to stick that pee-pee does not belong in our pants, but rather the potty. My husband and I will be going on a year soon of potty training and we are both getting really frustrated. Any ideas you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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