Outlandish talk


I've asked you several questions before and have another regarding my now almost 11 year old child. He goes around the house saying unbelievably rude and nasty things to or about his younger brother - he makes pretend gun sounds and then says "I just blew your brains out", or "I'm gonna push your brains out of your head", etc. etc. Now he is "joking" of course but this kind of violent talk really bothers me. He does not (is not allowed to) watch any violent TV nor does he have any violent video games.....should I just ignore this talk, or deliver consequences like I have been doing - when he talks like that I take 1/2 hour off bedtime for every infraction. Do you think I should just ignore it or not? This is the same child that I wrote to you about who goes around the house making bodily noises on purpose and laughing about it....talking about bodily functions in a rude way...you told me it was all just foolish childhood stuff and to ignore it. What do you say about this? Thanks for the help.

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