4 year old "high misbehaver"


John, I posted a follow-up question to my recent question you answered about my 4.5 year old brat, but have a few more questions to add. Tomorrow is our next gms sticks class where he is expected to behave perfectly or risks another week in his room. If he acts perfectly and makes it through the class, do I wipe the slate clean? Where do we go from here? He has been a tantrum-throwing, whining, crying mess this entire week for the rare times he's been in our presence and out of his room. If he misbehaves again and I take him out of the class and sentence him to his room again, what then? Do we up the ante? Stay the course? Does he lose the privelage of going to gymnastics again? I will still be taking his twin brother (assuming his behavior stays in line).

Secondly, I need a quick path to fix the source of this problem which has been controlling and totally micromanaging my kids for 4.5 years. I need to fix myself for the sake of this 4.5 year old boy, his twin brother, and my 20 month old daughter whom I plan to potty train just after Christmas. Help!

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