Potty Training while Hosting Guests for the Holidays


My daughter is 22 months old and we started toilet training 1 mo ago. For the past month, when were are at home I had her naked from the waist down as suggested and she really did awesome!!! She almost always went tee tee and poop by herself without me saying anything at all! I didn't even have to use the potty bell. Since we have company coming for two weeks at Christmas and I'd rather not have her running around bare-bottomed while they are here, I have put her in either loose undies or pants at all times for the past two days and am trying to encourage her to keep her undies dry and tell me when she needs to go (since she can't pull on and off her clothes by herself yet). To say the least, it has not been going well... she is having lots of accidents in the undies at home. I am staying calm and just reminding her that those things go in the potty and not in the undies. I'm sure I just need to "stay the course" here but any suggestions would be helpful. Also, we have not attempted to tackle nap-time or night-time dryness yet... she is still in a diaper. I was waiting for more success during the day and for when the company leaves after the holidays. Any thoughts on that would also be helpful! Thank you so much!!

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