13-yr old lying and playing word games


My 13 year old son seems to be in a bad habit of lying, dissembling, and playing word games. He lies in order to get what he wants or to get out of doing something he doesn't want to do. For example, we limit his computer time. So he went into the bathroom for an hour with his handheld device, and said that he was in there going to the bathroom all that time. He also plays words games--if he's doing maintenance on the computer, like running an anti-virus program, he says that he is not "on the computer." No amount of pointing out the absurdity and deceptiveness of his position persuades him; he just digs in and counterattacks. We impose consequences for his dishonesty in the form of reduction of privileges, but this has not been successful in getting him to be honest and trustworthy. Your advice on this is much appreciated.

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