Instilling Confidence in Preschooler


We have 4.5 year old fraternal twin boys. They just started half-day Pre-K at our public school and go to a structured daycare center the other half of the day. We just had our first parent-teacher conference. Christian had mostly "developing" on his progress report, but Jack had mostly "not meeting expectations." The teacher said Jack has a serious confidence issue. He gives up very quickly and will often have meltdowns if he can't figure something out right away. He will go to the bathroom to avoid doing his tasks. He also doesn't interact well with the other students in small or large groups. He doesn't play with anyone. The teacher did not mention a learning disability or anything of that nature - just that he lacks confidence. We have seen this behavior in Jack since he was a small toddler, but not to the magnitude the teacher was describing.

How can we work with him at home? Thank you for your time!!

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