Bad toilet hygiene


I have four children ages 6 years and under. All but the youngest have been toilet trained. The problem is, I am discovering, is that they are not keeping up (behind closed doors) what they have been taught. I discover sometimes that they have not in fact washed their hands or worse, have not even bothered to wipe their bottoms/private parts! They are all doing this short-cut behavior. I can't always tell it is going on until I notice their clothes (or theyselves) smell unusually bad at the end of one day. It means more washing for me of trousers and leggins and I am scared to take them socialising lest they smell badly to others.( My nose is not the greatest.) Of course the other problem is tummy bugs from eating with dirty hands. If I can't catch it at the outset how can I discipline on this? I don't think it is going to be possible for me to watch each child go to the toilet every time throughout the day. They also go when I am in the shower or in the night-time etc. Recently the 3 year old did not wipe her bottom but came and sat on the carpet in her room while getting dressed and soiled the carpet! Hoping you have some bright ideas for this. Thank you.

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