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This is for John Rosemond: perhaps that last question I asked comparing your philosophy to the other leader I mentioned was not a good idea, sorry for that. Thank you for what you were able to share on that topic, appreciate it. Proverbs says that in the abundance of counselors there is victory, yet at the same time the differences in perspective and philosophy with some leaders I've gotten advice from either personally or via books, etc. can sometimes be confusing and leave a parent, such as myself, with less confidence in handling things in a more no-nonsense, authoritative way as you have recommended (and which I believe in). I am wanting to have a better grasp of the topic in order to move forward more successfully with my 15 year old son in particular; especially when his mom and her family is/are more sympathetic and permissive towards/with well as thinking I am too hard on him, not compassionate enough or something along those lines. Thanks again.

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