4 year old tantrums


My almost four year old girl continues to have occasional tantrums. We have done ticket, strikes and now blocks this past year since March. She understands the guidelines well. I have read all John's books. Just when she seems to make progress, she seems to come back with even more stubbornness. I am beginning the fifth week of blocks. She did well the first three weeks to mastery. The week of Halloween festivities seemed to contribute to overexcitement and difficult behavior. This week, her fifth week she has been very difficult, obstinate, not listening the first time, making angry faces, hitting at me when angry to which I assist her to her room without toys for the rest of the day and now she has added screaming and yelling. Should I hang with this program of blocks (weekly charts) for twelve weeks which initially seemed to be working or forget it all and kick her out of the garden. She loves to read and books are the only thing I am leaving in the room, to calm her down. Progress is very slow! Truly a very persevering child. Thanks for your help

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