Principal bemoans state of American parenting


I am school principal. From the time I first started teaching many years ago, I have read your work. As a parent, your work has been a tremendous help. (Potty trained our 2 yr. old son in one day! THANK YOU!)
I completely agree with your thoughts about home reform vs. school reform. It is difficult to come up with the wording to write in my newsletters about the great need for 'parent reform' without sounding like we are abdicating our responsibility as educators.
I absolutely love my job! It is true though that we are spending so much time parenting parents to help children. So many more parents than I have ever seen have lost their way and can't seem to grasp that they aren't helping their children by sheltering them from hard work, or failure, or responsibility. We see over and over that parents will also allow their children to do a fun activity right after there has been a behavior problem with the child and they just can't seem to understand that is a serious problem.
I suppose my question relates to asking for some help finding the right words. I will say that as I grow older, the words are coming more easily and I worry far less about being Politically Correct as a Public School Principal.

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