4 yo and 6 yo siblings, lots of issues


Questions & Report: Reading your books, Parenting by the Book & The Well Behaved Child, Kids 4 & 6 - usually defiant & disrespectful. Dramatic disrespect calls for dramatic discipline. Consequently, I cleaned out their rooms today & they lost all their clothes & all their toys except 1 animal & 2 coloring books. As I was leaving her room, she said, "Mommy, do I get to have the 2 coloring books?" I said, "Yes, you do & 5 crayons." She said, THANK YOU MOMMY" I'm coming to the Parenting Retreat this weekend. I don't want to come in the present crisis I've been living in. What do you think I should expect to see this week ~ all hell continue to break loose as they are learning to obey & respect me OR a calm & peaceful home? I think it will be some of both. They both seem to be very respectful at the moment. 1. Do you think they should have to earn their toys back one at a time (they are only getting half of them back whenever they do get them back as they had too much ~ they are the only grandkids on both sides of the family & they have way too much stuff.) Or I guess that's still "behavior modification". I am so shocked how much that is part of my parenting w/out even realizing it. 2. Question about Sibling Rivalry for a 4 yr old & 6 yr old. 1st/2nd offense to room for 30 minutes. 3rd offense to room for the day. How would I keep my active 4 year old in his room for the entire day? What would my response be when he keeps coming out if he's already lost his toys, clothes, then is confined to his room? More spankings, then missed meals? I'm expecting to do this prbly this week so their rooms are now ready for their "rehabilitation".

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