15 year old is defiantly messy


Our 15 year old daughter leaves both clean and dirty clothes all over the floor. She also will throw garbage on the floor instead of the garbage can. This includes paper, Q-tips, wrappers from hygene products, etc. She is a constant excuse maker. The garbage can was full or I must have missed. I told her until she corrects this problem she will not have the door to her bedroom and I removed it. She of course had a major fit. It has been several weeks and she still has not corrected the problem. Previously, I tried the "If you don't clean your room I will clean your room for you and as I do will feel free to read anything or get rid of anything I feel unnesessary." She was delighted to have me do it and was just sure not to have things she didn't want me to see in her room. I even removed clothes she had not worn for at least 6 months. What do you do with a teenager who responds like this?

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