15 year old's dad is in turmoil


Yes it is me again. Sorry if I am asking too many questions at the "get-go". Would you mind addressing the "fear" (?) I expressed in one of my last questions about not wanting to be too demanding with my son so that he would go back to live with his mom and/or mom demanding that he come back to live with her because she thinks I am being unreasonable and controlling (words I've heard before from both of them)? I agree with the advice you have given me, and I also am keeping the option open for the "ultimatum" idea I shared with you. However I am trying to be careful since I do believe it is best for my son to live here with me for multiple reasons, including the encouragement I and our church family can give him in Christ. At the same time I am regularly having to deal with his anger, moodiness and disrespect, along with the other issues I've shared. Thanks again.

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