Tickets for 5 and 7 yr olds


We are into the ticket program almost 2 weeks with our boys 7 and 5. We have 2 questions more.

First question is what to do with the 5 year old if he has tickets left at the end of the day and acts up during bedtime routine (story/prayers) with talking, being difficult,not cooperating. It does not seem 'memorable' to say 'I am taking a ticket; go to bed now' as he was already on track to go to bed in a few minutes. Also, I read that the child should start the next day with all tickets-but it seems that he is really being testy at night. (So far in 2 weeks on the program, he has spent 2 whole days in his room as he lost all 5 tickets those days)

The second question we have is how to handle the 7 year old when he says "I didn't lose any tickets today" or "I only lost 1 ticket" in front of the 5 year old. He is saying it in a way that is not being mean to the younger brother, but proud of himself, but I wonder if he should be instructed not to say this in front of the his younger brother. I have not been responding much when he says these things because we expect him to behave, the tickets are more of a reminder to him when he is not obeying.

Thanks for your insight.

I know in the last response it was noted to 'find the humor' in this, but my husband and I are having a hard time finding the humor in dealing with the 5 year old-how do we find that humor????

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